Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Stella Maris School. I welcome your inquiry and consideration of our school community as a place for your child’s education.

Stella Maris has a strong academic focus and each child is encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, valuing knowledge, truth and faith, under the guidance of dedicated teachers and support staff. At Stella Maris we value the development of the whole person, integrating spiritual development, academic success, cultural prowess and awareness, and a high level of sporting participation and skill in the context of our Catholic tradition.

The Stella Maris community is based on family. This extended family consists of students, teachers, parents, and extended family joining together to form a community that is wholeheartedly committed to the education of our young people.

As a Catholic school, all we undertake is underpinned by Gospel and Marian Values. Our school is founded on the Marian Values and these values are explicit within our school environment. There is an expectation that all actions and behaviour in our school community is guided by these values.

We encourage and indeed expect that our students will become life long learners, each developing the Spirit of Stella Maris to take with them out into the workplace and adult life. You will find the Spirit of Stella Maris evident in our students and staff, our approach to learning, friendships, and achievement. Confidence, persistence, resilience, self-reliance are all guiding foundations for carving out a successful pathway through life. These attributes are encapsulated in “Key Competencies” and this is reflected in the teaching and learning program at Stella Maris.

Central to the mission of Stella Maris School is the promotion of excellence. Our commitment to our parents is to support, encourage, nurture, and challenge individual development for all our students and to provide a learning environment which meets their present and future needs.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family into the Stella Maris community.

God Bless

Catherine Cyprian