General Information

If a child is to be absent from school for any reason or has been ill a note to the school office explaining the absence is required immediately on his / her return to school. Absences must be phoned or emailed ( through to the school office prior to the start of the school day. If a student is to be absent for some time an initial phone call is in order. Parents and caregivers are reminded that attendance is now monitored nationally. Stella Maris processes attendance electronically twice a day.

Absence in term time for family holidays is not encouraged and may affect your childs’ learning progress. Daily the school is telephoning families each time there is any unexplained absence of your child. Whenever possible, medical, dental and other appointments are to be made outside of school hours. We understand often this is not possible.

If a child becomes sick at school, they will be sent by their teacher to the school office where he / she is admitted to sick bay. If he / she is not able to return to class, a parent or guardian will be contacted to come and collect the unwell student.

If parents are to be away from home for any length of time, it is wise to let the school office know and to advise the arrangements for your childs’s temporary care, leaving contact details and numbers with the school office.

School Bus Service
School buses run from the main gate. A record of children who will be catching the bus is kept by the school office. If you would like your child to catch the bus, please inform the school office of the route they will be travelling, and days they will be catching the bus so that they can be placed on the bus list. Please see the bus information under Buses in Our Community section or contact the school office for further information.

The school has dedicated parking areas clearly marked, please observe them so that you do not hinder other drivers or put our children at risk.

It is not the policy of the school to supply medication of any kind on demand. Parents with students who require constant medication should notify the school in writing of the problems or special needs. Students will be helped in an emergency situation.

Telephone / Cellphones
Students are not called to the telephone. In an emergency a message may be delivered to the school office and the child may be given permission to ring home. Use of cellphones is not permitted during the school day and must be handed into the school office prior to the start of the day.

Food and Drink
The school does not cater at breaks or lunchtime. Stella Maris is a “Water Only” school.Parents should ensure that children arrive at school with their food and water for the lunch time break.

School Uniform
School Uniforms are purchased from Positive Image in old Silverdale opposite the Bendon shop. A list of requirements can be found to download in the Parents Handbook in the News and Information under School Documents and Forms or directly by clicking here.