Frequently Asked Question

Where do I purchase Uniforms / Stationery?

All stationery items are purchased from the school office and are a year specific pack for each students. There can be adjustments made for students who start in term 4, this is at the discretion of the class room teacher. School Uniforms are purchased from Positive Image Silverdale.  (opposite Bendon)


Does my child have to start on their 5th birthday? can they start before they turn 5?

Your child cannot start school until they turn 5, however if you wish your child not to commence on their 5th birthday (or the closest school day to the date) please advise the school what date they will be commencing. Legally they need to be started by their 6th Birthday. No children cannot start before they turn 5.


What time does the Bus leave?

The Bayes buses to Whangaparaoa and Orewa leave at 2.50 pm. There is a “bus bell” at 2.40 pm when all students who are on buses home meet and get of ticked off checklists in the hall before they make their way accompanied to the bus by staff members. The staff stay with them till they are all seated and the bus leaves. Children who travel to rural areas are catered for by Ritchies buses, these buses leave Stella Maris at approximately 3.10 pm and these students are supervised by a teacher and taken to the bus when it arrives at school. The teacher stays with the children until the bus leaves.

Bus routes – There are varies bus routes that operate and details of these are on the school website, “The School” tab, then “General Information” “Buses”

Where to buy bus tickets from – These are purchased on the bus, the office holds an emergency ticket should your child need a “click on” in the event of this happening please reimburse the office so we can keep a “spare ticket” on hand for emergencies.


What are the activities available?

Full details are on the school website: see home page “Activities Button”


PTFA what is this and who / how can you join this group?

The PTFA (Parents Teachers Friends Association) is a group that any parent can join, this active group runs functions, assist with events and support the school in a variety of ways, the main focus is fund raising.


When does SKIDS operate?

This is run independently before and after school, it is an educational program offering skilled teachers to assist families who need assistance before and after school. 7.00 am start to a 6.00 pm finish in the school hall.


Term Dates?

These vary from year to year and are advertised on the base of the school newsletter.


School Hours and Morning Tea / Lunchtimes?

School starts at 8.45 am and children need to be at school ready to start the day then. The class rooms are open from 8.20 am and students may enter their room if their teacher is there, students need to wait in the foyer in the morning till the appropriate time for moving to their rooms. Morning tea break is 11.00 am to 11.20 am, lunch is eating from 12.20 pm to 12.30 pm, then back to class for a 1.10 pm start. School finishes at 2.45 pm. Parents are asked to wait in the foyer until the bus bell rings at 2.40 pm before they move to their children’s room to collect them.


Car Park / Drop of Zone?

The school has a drop off zone that allows parents to pull in and be meet by staff or car park valets and drop their child off, this works in reverse for going home, when parents wait and their child meet them in this zone to collect their children. There are limited of car park spaces for parents if you need to come into the school. The top area of the car park is for Staff, parents and visitors are asked to please NOT park in this sign posted area.


Can tights be worn as uniform?

The uniform item for girls in the winter terms i.e. Term 2 and Term 3 is Uniform knee length socks.


What size school bag does my child need?

Whatever your child is comfortable with, as long as a lunch box, drink bottle, P.E. Clothing, Book bag, and as required school books can fit in the bag, you may use a bag on wheels if you choose to. There is no specific school bag, so this is a parent / child decision.


How much are incidental replacement stationery items e.g. R.E. Book?

This varies from item to item, check at the office.


Can you give medication to my child at school?

Medication can NOT be administered unless the office has received a signed letter authorising staff to do this.


Do you have lunches or tuck shop at school?

The school does NOT have a tuck shop, however through out the year PTFA have “Special Lunch Days” sausage sizzle, sushi, pie etc, there is a permanent two day a week pick and delivery system operating with Pita Pit which is very popular.


What is SHINE?

SHINE is an acronym for “Strength and Heart In New Endeavours”

The SHINE Challenge makes up part of the Stella Maris Home Learning. It is a series of optional challenges that recognises the many activities students participate in outside of school and encourages participation in new endeavours.

There are 5 categories:

Living the Marian Values
Service in School or Community
Physical Activity and the Outdoors
Academic Excellence
Excellence in the Arts
Each of the categories has a selection of challenges for the children to choose from. There is a minimum number of challenges at each year level. Please see your class teacher for more information.


What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is an online Maths programme that supports the learning the students do in school. Activities are completed as part of the student’s home learning. There are activities set by the teacher as well as Live Mathletics – basic facts games against other students on Mathletics. The activities are leveled by the class teacher and the students should be able to work independently on these.

All students are registered and receive their own login details. The cost of this is built into the stationery list.


Is there a Kapa Haka?

Year 4 – 6 students are able to participate in Kapa Haka. The group practices each week in the school hall during the school day. At the beginning of the year interested students are invited to join, students new to the school may join when they enrol. From the beginning of Term 3 interested Year 3 students are invited to join the Kapa Haka.


What sports are available to the students?

Most sports are organised through clubs outside of school, however there are a few sports teams available through the school depending upon the season (these include Summer Soccer, Netball, Water Polo, Touch Rugby). Notices with information about the sports are sent home with interested children at the beginning of each season. Students are expected to commit to the sport for the season once teams have been put together.

The Year 5 – 6 classes participate in Inter-school sports days throughout the year. Interested students are asked to trial for teams in the lead up to these sports days.

Swimming lessons are held in 2 week blocks during the year at the Northern Arena.

Students participate in regular P.E. and fitness programs as part of classroom timetables.